SEDOR PHARMACEUTICALS specializes in growth investment and turnaround opportunities in the pharmaceuticals and biologics industry. Led by 30-plus year healthcare industry veteran John SedorSEDOR PHARMACEUTICALS identifies and acquires pharmaceuticals and biologics companies and assets and applies its team’s deep development, operational, manufacturing, and commercialization expertise to create value for investors. SEDOR PHARMACEUTICALS recently licensed three clinical-stage compounds to establish its specialty pharmaceutical platform, allowing it to develop therapeutics to provide effective solutions to currently unmet needs of patients to improve their quality of life and clinical outcomes.


New: June 30, 2018

CE-Fosphenytoin FDA PFUDA Date


New: May 30, 2018

CE-Fosphenytoin Filing

Los Altos Transaction

Xi’an Xintong Pharmaceutical Research Transaction


News: December 8, 2015
    Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated